After many years of work in your home country perhaps your are thinking of investing your hard-earned cash in a property in our sunny and welcoming country. If you do so you will be following the steps of thousands of fellow countrymen.

Property Conveyance.

But even attractive this move has its caveats. Buying a villa is an important decision and you will want to minimize your risks. We will work in that direction, we will check the administrative status in the Town-Hall planning and find if the house you are interested in comply or not with that planning. We will also check its status at the Property Registry to avoid surprises. And if you need financing from a local branch we will help in dealing with them. To wrap up we will try to make your transaction as efortless as possible.

Or perhaps you have enjoyed some time in Spain and are thinking of returning to your country. We will also help you with the sale, legal and fiscal issues and any other question that should be addressed.

Tax Advisory.

Our tax system can be sometimes unfathomable for a foreign resident. We will help you to cumply with its requirements and advice you on how to minimize its load.

Last Will.

Of course you want to make things simpler to your relatives once that moment arrives. In this respect several national regulations apply and mistakes can cause problems that with an adecuate and expert advice can be avoided.

We have several solicitors and economists which are fluent in english and can give you the best advice.